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Friday, October 19th, 2007
5:28 pm - Suikoden Musics
Just because I've been on a game music kick for a while, I've uploaded the first 5 tracks from the original Genso Suikoden game. If you want more, please let me know.

Genso Suikoden - Original Game Soundtrack - Disk 1

Track 1 - Into a World of Illusions

Track 2 - Beginning Theme

Track 3 - Royal Palace Consultation

Track 4 - Eternal Empire

Track 5 - Beautiful Golden City

And that's it for now :)

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Friday, September 14th, 2007
1:32 pm - Out of Town Alert
Alright, so I'll be out of town this weekend, to come back Sunday or Monday, depending. I'm heading down to Dad's (yay...) for the weekend, not that it's particularly thrilling, especially since my getting along with Dad is rocky, but it's best to go down sometimes, and it also gets me out of town for a bit, which I so desperately need.

We leave in a few hours here, an hour and a half about? Maybe a bit more, and it's a 3 hour trip so I'm taking something to read and some writing stuff.

But before I go:


I am officially done with the series, unless the after-game game on 2 is actually important, and yet now I am totally and utterly confused.

And well, after 30 minutes of typing I should go.  Foxu you WILL be bothered by the game series when I come down next!!!!!

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Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
8:28 pm - Need Some (Silly) Help
So, I've volunteered to help out at a con in November. In exchange, I'm getting in free, and am staying with youshi_semenjyu who is also staffing, and who I will be working under. She's handling Fan Panels and I get to gopher (yays!)

That said, I also volunteered to do a panel, but am having some problems. The panel is "Anime Jeopardy." I've come up with a few topics and "Answers" but I still need many more, so here's my thing:

Can anyone on my Flist kindly assist? The basic idea is just like Jeopardy you'd see on TV. You'll have a Topic (Ex. "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"), and then an "Answer" (Ex. "The more evil of the two forms."), and finally the "Question" (Ex. "Who is Mr. Hyde?"), just like normal.

I'm accepting vague ideas (like I have one called "Samurai This") ideas from the show itself (like spelling stuff or location) or even more specific things (like maybe "Sailor Moon").

If you want to help, please post here and I'll give you contact information. If you'd like to see some of what I've set up already, please post here and I'll give you contact information.

Note: If you're attending Izumicon you won't be able to participate in the topics you assisted with, or with anything you've seen. This is for fairnesses sake. Sorry!


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Friday, August 24th, 2007
11:10 pm - Ok F-List...
Well, for all of you who keep telling me to watch or read things, I'm at the point I can't remember it all... for that reason I started a little something on Greatest Journal, which not only keeps tract of various things I've read or seen, but will also allow you to place suggestions.



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5:18 am - So I Should Be Asleep...
I said good night to Rowan..... about ... Uh, an hour and a half ago? Er, okii, me sux with time. Anyyywayyyyy, my mind is going like 100MPH and driving me batty, and like, I totally need a hobby, other than, you know, house work, and, well, thanks to astrokittie I keep getting music from "The Human Equation" stuck in my head, and like, singing along and...

Yes, this DOES have a point!

Anyway, so, I once did some random sketches, that astro saw, and had some ideas for said music opera, but I really didn't follow through, but now I'm thinking, maybe I should try it again, but I dunno... I have this horrible tendency to drop things randomly.

Oh and my following boy is back, which will make no sense to anyone, except maybe vayufox and that's only if she can remember my 6000 someodd stories.

Oh and I blame people on a RP I am on for adding anime to my list, and one for sending me really hawt yaoi (shut up, Bart!) that just made me go "damn, I suck" once again but... hey it was hawt... plotless, but hawt...

And er... yeah... Maybe I should work on Xenosaga III tomorrow but I keep playing with the data files and it takes me forever to read......... I need sleep, someone tell my brain to shut off the thinking part, and just handle the bodily functions so I can sleep. K?

Er... yeah... good morning all!

*Goes to try and sleep*


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Thursday, August 2nd, 2007
4:54 am - Ryo's Latest...
So, after a week-long yaoi binge (shut up, guys, a girl has hormones too!), I've finally gotten back around to reading/watching other things.

Last night I went ahead and finished all those episodes of Legend of Galactic Heroes I hadn't finished yet due to "Wah, they killed ---" constantly popping into my head, and fear for all my other favorite characters, and just generally not wanting to think, because, well, it's a thinking-man's anime (yes, this excludes certain people I know from watching it... J/K)

Alright, so, tonight:

Hana Yori Dango Episode 7: Since season 1 is only 10 Episodes long, I'm pretty far along actually. Of course, since it's only season 1, that means I'll have a season 2 to watch.

After spending most of episode 6 trying to decide who should win, whether to be pissed at a particular character, etc, episode 7 actually clarified much of what was going on and made me happy.

Watching the all-out fight between the F4 was funny, because by the time they
were done, they couldn't even stand. Domyouji even tells Rui, "You jerk!" and pulls back to swing on him... and never makes it as he collapses slightly on-top and slightly to the side of the other boy, now completely out of energy.

Kimi wa Petto Episode 2: Dude, I am sooooo a Jun Matsumoto fan now. After having him play Shin from Gokusen, and Domyouji from Hana Yori Dango, watching him play Momo is a total squeal-fest. He's just... Too cute!!!

The episode definently advanced things some, and made me quite interested in the original manga. It is not often that your main character is a 30-year-old female office worker, with severe issues because she is self-sufficient.

I cannot wait to watch more!

Legend of Galactic Heroes Episodes 37-40 Only another 70 episodes, 2 movies, and if they translate them, multiple OVAs to go! Yet, I am still enjoying the series, despite the fact that one of my favorite characters was killed at the end of season 1, and also despite the fact that I am more than aware far more of those I love in the series will probably face death.

This series was originally a set of books by Yoshiki Tanaka, who also wrote the Arslan books, but unlike Arslan, LOGH explores the darker areas of humanity far more often, as well as exploring the interactions, losses, and issues of it's individual characters.

Much time is spent on mentioning how history repeats, pulling facts from both their own timeline (several thousand years ahead of us) as far back as the Russian Cold War. The other amount is spent on the varied strategy going on.

When those are not the case, however, it focuses on one of the largest reasons LOGH and Arslan have both appealed to me: The people.

At the core, each person remains the same, but as things happen, small changes will take place, or larger changes if the happening is quite large. Although at alternate sides of the war, both your main characters appeal to you on varied levels, and their advancement along their seperate paths either make you nod or cringe.

Right now, my favorite is Admiral Yang Wenli, who is quite settled in his manner, and even larger changes will only affect him slightly, whereas Reinhard Lohengramm, who is really around the same age, has a more difficult time of retaining his core personality.

Er, yeah... ramble over?

I'd like to watch more, but I have just now burned Hana Yori Dango Episodes 1-6 onto a DVD. My brother will shortly be F-Disking his drive, and then I will be able to move files again. Of course, we have only 5 DVD disks left, so I will have to buy new ones soon.

My next intention is to try and complete reading multiple manga (yes, guys, yaoi is included... send me yuri if you can find it, I don't care), and continue to try to clear off what I can in my HD, before naturally adding more.

So, until next mass review!!!


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Thursday, July 26th, 2007
3:58 pm - Everyone Else is Doing It...
You scored 12% Slytherin, 24% Ravenclaw, 64% Gryffindor, and 24% Hufflepuff!

You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart.

Gryffindors are known for their courage, audacity, and devotion to what is good and honest.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 17% on Slytherin

You scored higher than 34% on Ravenclaw

You scored higher than 79% on Gryffindor

You scored higher than 14% on Hufflepuff

This isn't suprising. I'm told often I'm too nice for my own good. For those who haven't taken this http://www.okcupid.com/tests/610156788038991331/Sorting-Hat It's there

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Saturday, July 7th, 2007
4:58 am - Lurching Along...
Today's mood was a little bit better, although not completely. I still feel a little guilty that Mom brought that cat back because I was crying so hard, but she says not to feel guilty, so I'll try not to. But I am, at the same time, both angry and also a bit worried.

Angry because, I found out the Animal Shelter up here is connected with a No-Kill clinic, who says in one part of their page "We won't euthanize animals just to make room for new ones", and elsewhere state "We will take the animals to a no-kill shelter if there is room." Perhaps that part should be stated more clearly, you know "We're a no-kill shelter, but we can only take on so many pets, so hey, you're fucked if we're full!"

I'm being a bit mean, but it frustrates me how people always seem to hide those things, or back-talk, or double-talk, whatever you want to call it. It isn't much good to advertise as a no-kill clinic who won't euthanize if you also go and put the notes about the other part somewhere further in.

As for the worried, I went to feed the cat earlier. We got him some dry food. I poured a little, but was trying to get more in the bowl he was eating from, so I pushed very gently to have a bit of room, and he hissed at me.

This could just be a territory thing, not meant as anything negative, but there are animals who have food agression, and that can be a very bad thing. We'll have to watch him a bit closer, I suppose.

Other than this, I think I'll hold off on what I mentioned on my poll. As much as I'd love to see everyone again, it would be way expensive to go to Y-con and I don't have the money, nor do I want to torment everyone for any. So, I'll probably go to Izumi-con up here.

Youshi agreed that she can probably handle some ride stuff, and crash space, so long as she has her car (We'll need to discuss that when we can, gal), and someone else also offered crash space.

If I only spend some of my allowance, saving almost all of it, I should be able to take at least a small amount with me. It'll only handle things like room, food, and transportation, but even that's fine. I really just want to go hang out with people.

Also, I found the actual RPD patches. starherd is grabbing them for me, seeing if she can get a second one as well as the one that was offered, and I'll pay her back for them. This means that I'll next have to get a blue shirt and sew the patches on. But, more about that in my cosplay journal when it's time.

Same with my other costumes, which I've been lazy to work on, or update the journal, about... Whee... Maybe later.

Ah, I'm slowly slipping so methinks it is bedtime. Anyway, talk to you all later!


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Thursday, July 5th, 2007
1:33 pm - Welcome Back
Welcome back all my cosplay-insane friends!

Btw check a few posts back on my LJ, I posted a random little poll :)

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Friday, June 22nd, 2007
5:23 am - Atta...
Well, I had work on my teeth done the day before yesterday. She fixed up four of the bottom ones, cleaning away the crap, filling in the holes, and then adding a nice pretty venier (sp?) on the front to make them look a good shade and like real teeth.

Sadly, because she had to mess so much with my gums, they got really sore. I took Advil when I got home, as she suggested, to keep the pain from being severe (since the body likes to complain if you push it much), and felt okay that day.

All day today, I've been up and down. I think 2 hours is about the longest I've stayed awake, and this is while having low-grade fevers. Apparentely, I got a minor infection, or just my body is totally weak, from her messing around in there.

Aw well, at least those teeth look nice.

I'll be trying to go in next month, and I think she intends to do the next four bottom ones. After that, I get switched to another of the dentists in the office as she is moving. However, she said they are like her in their care process, AKA not afraid to tell you "This tooth would cost too much to repair, and maybe not even be fixed" or "We can repair this one satisfactorily so it's completely usable" so I think it should be okay; I just hope personalities mesh ok.

And, agh! Anyone who is on my cosplay journal will also see half-mentions of this, but this elaborates on some things.

I've been working on hemming the shorts I got at Fanime for Hikaru to their proper length. When I had my Mom pin them, she showed me the proper way to do the hemming, but it made me feel super uncomfortable, and I decided to try it my way.

For the most part, I've kept things lined up, but I notice there's a large section that's off. Part of it is near where Mom had made the initial hems, that I never removed. And when I told her not to "Say told you so" and that it wasn't lining up, she said something about trying to keep fabric straight to sew doesn't work, and the seams go all over the place.

That really makes no logical sense, and I told her I was checking as I sewed to make sure it was even, but she said the same thing.

Honestly, as I'm doing this, I'm fearful to put them back on after I finish the top seam. What if they don't fall right? Then what?

I love my Mom, I do, but some of her ideas don't work right, or seem bad for me. I know there are proper ways of sewing, and I respect that, but there's also a personal comfort zone, which is what I chose to do. Now that I'm seeing a little issue, I feel weird.

I don't know what I'm more worried about... Being told "I told you", failing, or having to deal with the look of "That was dumb."

As many of you know, my Mom is always saying "You might mess something up" when I want to do things for my costumes, and it usually takes me having to say "I'm going to do it anyway" or saying that "xel_ko will show me" (but she doesn't) when I go to a con, to get her to let me do it.

I think it isn't the failure. I understand that, as I do this, I'm going to make a crap-load of mistakes. I mean, everything new one learns, tends to come with some mistakes, right? The point is learning from those mistakes, and improving the next time you do it.

I think it's more that fear of if I mess up, Mom will give me those looks, and probably not help again. And there are some things I don't know how one can do without a second person. Like getting shorts to a proper length when one can't see themselves.

Well, we'll see what happens. I'll be doing some more work, and praying it turns out pretty good! Look at my cosplay journal for pictures when I'm done. (And for those who want to be added to said journal, drop me a line and I'll add you).


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Wednesday, June 13th, 2007
4:09 am - Xenosaga 2
Okay, I've beat it "officially", but there's actually an after-game game on it, which I will be working on. Considering my track record, it will probably be done slowly over the next 2 years, however... Unless I just randomly feel like whacking it all in one go. This option, however, may be difficult since I seem to be doing a lot in my A.M.W.S. and they are horribly under-leveled due to no fault of my own.

Ah, but onto the review-type-thing!

The game is more CG cut-scenes, less game-play, than the first. In some ways, this is quite annoying, and in others, pretty cool, since now I know I don't need to worry so much about length if I write an idea for a game script. Still, the less game-play aspect, coupled with some other facts, made it very difficult at times to play, hence the current predicament in the after-game game.

Some things that made me a little frustrated were:

- The fact that, even when loading my information from game 1, all my characters began anew at levels 1-5
- The fact that, even when loading my information from game 1, all my skills were gone and had to be re-learned
- The fact that the skill setup was completely, and utterly, different this time
- You can't actually complete all the side quests from the game itself without playing the after-game game
- You can't attain all the special attacks, and 'swimsuits' (Yes, swimsuits) without playing the after-game game
- No where in the game can you play Canaan except in the initial flash back sequences at the beginning, despite the fact he shows up more than once and is apparentely on the same side as you
- Creatures very rarely re-populate. This is a plus when you're low on life, but a minus when you're trying to level

Things I liked:

- Some more character-development was put in. chaos has me curious as hell now
- chaos switched outfits, so my eyes are no longer being unconciously drawn to the spot between his legs where certain details should not have been drawn, tight shorts or not
- Finally, we get to see Jin Uzuki, Shion's brother, and he is an actual playable character
- Creatures very rarely re-populate. This is a plus when you're low on life, but a minus when you're trying to level
- Voice acting continues to be palatable to great, unlike other games which feature horrible voicing with almost all but maybe one or two characters (*coughgrandiax-tremewtfyouhadthefirsttwoactedwell!cough*)
- Lots of cosplay ideas, including a swimsuit I could do next time someone has the idea for swimsuit cosplay... except I'd need make-up for my tummy! (I'd have no wig... bwee!)

All this said, I will be working on the after-game game, in order to finish the side quests. I am mostly continuing it for two to three reasons:

1. I have nothing better to do (sorta)
2. I want to get Jin's swimsuit. Ziggy's had a snorkel!
3. I don't have, and probably won't have, game 3 for a good long while

Hm... I think that is all!

Good night!


PS - Albedo is a fruitcake!!!!! (Font in white is spoilers) And he's twice implied that he's done something naughty to MOMO, the little pedophilic ass! And what about Gaignun? I like Gaignun! Kill Yuriev again and bring Gaignun back!!!

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Monday, June 11th, 2007
4:31 am - Still Alive...
Just taking a break from watching things on my computer.

Since I'm transferring a butt-load of files to a friend, and they eat up HD space, and I really don't want to try to burn things at the same time, I'm not watching things right now.

However, I've sat down and begun Xenosaga II. I keep getting stuck on bosses, so I have to roam to level. But not a lot of things respawn so sometimes I am heading back 4 or 5 screens to get enemies for exp, and that can take a while. Oh well...

But, here's my questions, altered from when I said them to someone since I found out what the swimsuits are for...

1. Why is it that all my characters began again at levels 1-5, even when I loaded my prior data? (Which apparentely got me a swimsuit and an extra area or something)

2. Why change all the battle system, again causing me to have to re-learn everything, which, by the way, is also on a different system.

3. Is it just me... Or am I seeing more signs of gays? chaos, I totally saw that look when you realized it was Canaan who'd saved you guys!!!

That said, off I go to sleep!!!

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Friday, June 8th, 2007
10:22 pm - Gamers!
Please post your favorite gaming comment. Examples:

My Fav: "Damn boss!"
Old School: "Yes! Natural 20!"

And so on :) Let's see what we get, and if there are lots of overlaps!

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5:55 pm - June 7th Viewings
So, as has been my habit lately, I watched more stuff yesterday. I was too tired to really post about it though, so I'm doing so now.

Last night was:

A Millionaire's First Love

It's a Korean film about a rich-boy whose grandfather dies, leaving him a mass inheritence. But in order to get this inheritence, he has to go live, and graduate high school, in a nothing-but-hicks-here town dictated by his grandfather.

The initial bit isn't great, and I really would have loved to see more sequences, but the movie is very nice, albeit very sad. This is not something you want to watch for a happy ending, as the ending is bitter-sweet, but for a good character-film (sort of a chick flick), this is really a nice one; I wouldn't mind making it into a manga, but I don't know how you do that since it's licensed.

Definently not a bad thing to watch!

Ouran High School Host Club

I finally finished the series! Tamaki-kun is an idiot! This is definitive. But, as I watch it, so is Haruhi.

Anyway, I think I really have some things I'd like to do for Ouran, but I've seen too many of the uniforms, so I'm going with odder ideas, like some of their cosplays instead. More on that if ever I have cash.

I enjoyed the show, though I had to take a break around episode 20 for brain-fry reasons, and I think I like Kyouya-kun and Mitsukuni's body-guard best, even if I always forget his name... probably cause he speaks so little.

I also love how Mitsukuni-kun is such a dork, and looks like a kid, but totally kicks everyone's asses. Kyouya's Dad's self-defense force freaking over him and Mori (that's the name!) had me laughing my ass off!

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Chinese Live Action


OMFG! I know I complained about some of the small switches in MARS, but I came to figure out that those were likely done for the sake of cultural reasons, and other than one or two pieces, which only was a faint impact on the original scene ideas, the show was very well written and felt like MARS.

The Chinese Live Action of Hana-Kimi... Is NOT Hana Kimi!

Lu Rui Xi (Mizuki's Chinese name), goes to Japan to meet her high-jump idol, Zuo Yi Quan (Sano)... So far, ok. Oh, but she's also there to put into affect her "love-love" plan (Used lightly because I don't want to look up her term).

From here, it cascades. I won't even bother with all the names. I'm only going to continue watching to see the horrible casting, or see if they maybe eventually get someone right, but so far here's some of my impressions:

Ella Chen, who does Lu Rui Xi (Mizuki) is way too masculine. I can't believe that, an all all boy's school, she could take over the #1 posistion, especially when you see the person who plays Nakao; He is totally more feminine than her, who looks like a "little brother", a bratty one.

Quan (Sano) is okay, I suppose, but you can tell that he isn't a high-jumper. The bars they have him going over are very low, and his form doesn't amaze me at all; Yes, I've seen high jump. Also, in one sequence, you can see a large tattoo covering his upper right-arm. Make-up can cover this, people!

Nakatsu's actor is so-so. Adding to the 'Those faces don't translate well in RL' trend, however, I frequently want to slap him. But he does the character decently, I suppose.

Nanba now seems totally gay, even more gay than Doctor Mei (Umeda), which is totally wrong. Actually, the guy doing Umeda doesn't even wear glasses, and has long hair. I could deal with the second part, but the first part weirds me out. And, it's rather disturbing when the 'straight' one of the family seems more gay than the gay.

Others I've seen... Well, a bunch of the idiots from the dorm. Other than the one who sees spirits, I can't identify the others at all so far. And the spirit guy is done too much, and constantly creeping people out; He wasn't that bad in the original, except sometimes... and to Nakatsu, but hell, that was probably because Nakatsu's easy to harass, and lived with him if I remember.

They just got Sano's rival, Kagurazaka or something wasn't it? He's cute, I guess. Haven't seen him jump yet. At least he is really taller than Sano's actor. But he doesn't seem such a bad boy as in the manga.

Yeah... I'll watch it to see the casting, but I would not recommend this for anyone who was a fan of the original.

Oh, and, the reason Mizuki (Rui Xi) is now so totally enthralled by Sano (Quan) is not because it made her interested in sports, so much as it made her get off the couch and lose all the weight she had being a 'fat girl'. WTF, when was Mizuki ever "fat" and losing weight?!!!!!!!

I think I died then... May my soul go to the guy who sees spirits, the one from the original manga...

Oh, and...

Hana Kimi Japanese Live Action

The official Japanese page!

Nakatsu's actor. ^_^ He's a good match!

Later then!


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Thursday, June 7th, 2007
2:34 am - Tonight's Repertoire
I know, "repetoire" is likely horribly mispelled... gomen nasai!

Anyway, after finishing MARS last night, I sat down and did a large run on Ouran High School Host Club. I managed episodes 20-25. I'll watch the last one, 26, when Fox is able to upload it. Fox wasn't on tonight so I couldn't get it. (And I missed last night due to Meniere's and the bed not being there, though it was! Oh, the fun!)

Then I watched a Korean Film called "Innocent Steps." It's another of those dancing-leads-to-love films, like "Dirty Dancing" but with a different idea, in this case one dancer was intentionally shoved and stepped-on, and that was after his initial partner was stolen by another, not-so-noble, dancer.

So the good-guy's boss convinces him to take up dancing again with a Chinese girl, who is imported into the country, and will become his 'wife', while really learning to dance so he can compete in a copetition... though initially she was supposed to be able to dance, it seems the sister, who doesn't dance, came over instead for reasons explained in the movie.

It isn't a bad movie, but not one of my favorites. Though I think I'll download the soundtrack, as I was really enjoying it!

We'll see what is tomorrow, if I feel ok! Until then!


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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
4:04 am - MARS - Taiwanese Live Action Complete!
I've now officially watched through all 21 episodes of the MARS live action, which was done, as said, in Taiwanese.

I still love MARS very much, and this rendition was pretty good. There are some aspects which were removed, or altered, but for the most part I am guessing those were for either cultural reasons, or for the safety of the actors. Still, there were one or two sequences I think should have been kept better intact, as they were character-defining moments, and somehow it was a bit detrimental to what I at least feel the original author (Fuyumi Shoryo) had intended.

That aside, the live action was casted pretty well. Rei's (Ling) actor pulled off both the deadly serious, and the childish sides, of the character. Sadly, he didn't quite fit the twin Sei (Sheng) completely, since Sei always looked rather weak in the manga. But he did manage to hold himself differently, so you were able to tell pretty well who was who.

Kira (Qi Luo) was cast pretty well, though her character got messed up on occasion. The actress at least understood her, and did very well, though she wasn't as impressive to me as Rei's actor. Nor was she as impressive as my new hero.

Masao's (Tong Dao) actor was fantastic! I was rather scared of him at many points throughout the show, which fit the character so well. And as I watched him go through Masao's various real and false emotions, I was in awe. He made you believe him, or disbelieve him, depending on what the purpose of the scene was supposed to be. The actor's name is Shone An Jun Can, who I am going to do more research on I think, or at least watch for him in other roles!

The other actors are nothing big to mention, but I felt they were casted well for their characters, and seemed to understand them pretty well, making it all the more enjoyable to watch as this manga I truly loved was brought to life!

Anyway, tomorrow's plans? Well, if I'm feeling up to watching more things, I have a movie on my computer from the same place I got MARS, and then if I am feeling a bit like it, I may see about watching more Ouran High Host Club... Which I should probably do anyway, considering the last 3 episodes will be eating up part of my HD. Haha...*Sweatdrops*

Well, that's tonight's report! Later!


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Monday, June 4th, 2007
4:03 am - Let's Watch More Stuff!
And so, tonight I continued watching things.

Sadly, I wasn't in the mood for Ouran, because a burning curiousity about whether or not the re-upload of MARS Episodes 9-10 worked had me going "Must check!," and thus the watching of MARS (again) began.

So, tonight's stuff:

MARS Episodes 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14. If I watch anymore (highly illikely due to the time), I'll post.

But, while I was randomly scouring the page that has the MARS live action on it, as well as many other dramas (Japanes, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese) I found she'd uploaded the Chinese Live Action for Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. It's 15 episodes long, and downloadable.

Since I am busy with MARS and Ouran, I haven't begun to watch it yet, but I'll keep you posted. For those who wish to go see it anyway, here's the link. Scroll down towards the bottom to find it!



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Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
3:34 am - Death... Too Much Anime
That's right, too much anime...

Foxu sent me home with a variety of manga, and lots of anime. I have read a bit of the manga, but since most is incomplete, and since I also just am not in the reading mood, I've focused more on anime.

For those wondering, she sent me back with:

- JoJo manga Parts 3-5
- Ouran Host Club 1-23 (somehow she missed the others so she'll upload them for me)
- Full Metal Panic!
- Honey & Clovers (1&2)
- Other varied manga

So, of this, what have I done...

Well, skipped much manga which I'll read when I'm in the mood, but I did read a bit of JoJo. But, sorry gals, not really my style.

I'll read it here and there just to keep up with what the hell you all are talking about, but it rather bored me. The characters, to me, are rather dull, almost one-sided, the art makes it hard sometimes to tell what's going on, and the plot seems un-inspired... Sorry.

Otherwise, I have watched episodes 1-19 of Ouran Host Club so far. Tamaki is an idiot, for those of you who missed the obvious. But, that's ok. It's entertaining, and although I wouldn't mind cosplaying from it, I've seen way too many "Ouran" uniforms to last me for a while... Anyone wanna cosplay some of their cosplays? lol.

That being said, that has been my last two days home. That, and a little Gaia.

Presently, weather is threatening, and my head is aching a bit (my brother seems to have stolen the advil again) so I will sleep soon. I'll probably pick up on Ouran tomorrow, and then after I finish that, who knows what I'll do. We'll see what I'm in the mood for!

Well, night all!


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Friday, June 1st, 2007
7:13 pm - For Hana-Kimi Fans
My friend in Japan has confirmed it... There will be a Japanese Live Action for Hana-Kimi! I double-checked and found a live journal on it, and I'll ask her which station is to show it when I mail her back... Sounds like there may have been a Taiwanese Live Action too. I'll look into more details on that later.

Anyway, this is what she wrote me:

"I got some details. The drama starts in July (ends in September), showed on every Tuesday night.

The actress playing the role of Mizuki:
I look forward to how boyish she can be.

The actor playing the role of Sano:
http://dir.yahoo.co.jp/talent/5/m00-0098.html "

If she sends me more information, I will let you know!!!

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Saturday, May 19th, 2007
2:02 pm - Fanime 2007
Ok, I leave Tuesday first thing in the morning to head to California, but will only be reachable till Monday. Make sure to get any information you need to me by then!

And, a group of us are going to meet at Kinokuniya Bookstore on Wednesday next week 3PM. We're gonna try to hit up thrift shop for last minute things! :) You've been warned.

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